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ERC in a Nutshell

| April 18, 2023

It can mean BIG BUCKS for Small Businesses


Congress is refunding funds due to the impact of COVID 19 for Small Businesses that kept their doors open and kept employees. This money is distributed not to banks as in the past, but to employers. This money is a return of money already paid by you to the IRS a legitimate refund approved by Congress.

MAJOR MISTAKE - You might have heard of this benefit, ERC, but thought or were told that you could not qualify. Even if you did not suffer a decline in revenue, you might not qualify under test 1. However, there is another way to qualify - a qualification test that is usually misunderstood or ignored by CPAs, PEO’s, HR departments and other well-meaning advisors.

We use nationally known CPA’s and importantly, TAX attorneys that specialize in the determination of this benefit. In fact, we believe you should not request an ERC refund unless you are represented by a tax attorney to file for you. If your case is ever challenged, the tax attorney is there to defend your case. Other advisors can’t represent you in court!

Determination of benefits is easy and won’t cost you a dime!

We will arrange a zoom or team call with you to explain ERC, your personal situation, determine if you qualify, and suggest an amount that you should receive. Your refund could be in the Millions $$$$. The first filing deadline is past, but the most meaningful deadline is in 2024 (most advisors are not aware of this). The money is returned to you, the employer, from the IRS without restrictions or obligation.

This opportunity is still available, but you must act, however, to receive your refund. We will help you confidentially gather your data, prepare the calculations, and most importantly, prepare the legal qualification documents. The IRS return is filed by the TAX attorney on your behalf.

How we are paid: The attorneys, CPAs and we are only paid after you receive your money – a 20% fee. No money is charged up front, so you have no risk as we are only paid after you receive your refund. Further, if ever there is a charge back from the IRS (never happened to date and we have filed hundreds of returns) we refund all the fee charged for the refunded amount.

It’s YOUR MONEY you are receiving back from this COVID 19 benefit.


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