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A few snapshots

The weight of tradition doesn’t have to weigh you down. New approaches to wealth management take learnings from the past and apply them to the current environment—for example, using traditional asset-allocation models to manage non-traditional investments. Because we’re independent advisors, we’re able to evaluate all the possible options: We work for you, not for any financial institution. We have no products to sell and no quotas to meet.

Nobody works for a lifetime because they want to maximize what they send to the IRS. If you want to attempt to keep more of what you’ve worked so hard to earn—with an eye toward the future of your family and your business—we can create risk-management strategies that match your needs.

Building durable wealth for retirement means ongoing evaluation of investments. Steel. Concrete. Titanium. Income. Durability is what they have in common. We’ll work together to craft a plan, evaluate and refine along the way for a timeline and strategy reflective of your goals and objectives.

Working across broad financial disciplines opens up many possibilities for you. Tax consulting and business-design services, provided by R.C. Thornton & Associates, enable us to coordinate a comprehensive investment plan with tax planning, estate planning and other financial strategies that make sense for you, your business and the next generation.

Peter Drucker was right: The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said. We know that opening up about your money, your goals and your aspirations can be daunting. Our goal is for you to be completely comfortable with us and with the planning process, from our first meeting with you through our ongoing communication (which can be as frequent or as infrequent as you’d like it to be).